Individuality is the key. Every individual is unique and requires a unique approach. The personal plan will help you to achieve your weight goal in a healthy way and sustain the results.

An athlete with an intensive exercise scheme needs a totally different nutrition plan than a person who has a sedentary lifestyle. Factors as age, gender, level of physical activity, food choices (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free to name a few) define the diet choice. I make a customized nutrition plan that is based on your current lifestyle, eating and other habits, physical and health state. Your health will never be compromised for the sake of weight loss.

I do my best to make your nutrition adjustments enjoyable. I want you to take a delight in your food and feel great!

What can you expect?

● A personalized nutrition plan
● A great customized menu
● A healthy weight loss of 0.5 – 1 kg per week
● Feeling fit and concentrated
● My support and availability throughout the whole journey to the optimal weight

How does the counselling look like?

The first session lasts one hour. Your body composition will be measured by professional weight scales and I will ask you questions about your lifestyle, health, eating habits and goals. Afterwards I will make a customized advice and a comprehensive plan of action for you, helping you get started. Follow-up visits last 15-30 minutes, the number and frequency thereof depend on the complexity of your personal situation. When your goal is (partly) achieved, shorter control sessions will take place a few times a year.

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