I believe that food is the most essential part of the complex that defines our state of mind and body, the length of our life and the quality of it. Nutrition plays an extremely important role in how we feel, look and perform. Simple adjustments can bring you on the other level of health.

We all are different and have different needs. What is good for me is not necessarily good for you! I work with people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, physical conditions, age… I do not have a ready-made diet for everyone but always make a personal nutrition plan. You can count on an individual approach, advice and coaching for as long as needed.

Below you can read more about my specializations.

Nutrition advice for athletes

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I’ve accomplished postgraduate training programme Sports Dietician of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Both recreational sportsmen and professional athletes are welcome for a nutrition advice.

Nutrition needs of an athlete have to be carefully calculated and met on a daily basis in order to achieve the best sport performance. Weight management and muscles growth/maintenance are important aspects of the athlete’s nutrition plan. Improving body composition, supplements use, eating during the sport events – these are examples of important issues for athletes. Everybody is unique and therefore I apply strictly individual approach while framing the nutrition plan. You can count on a personal counselling and coaching.

I work a lot with recreational sportsmen and –women (yoga, fitness, weight-lifting, cyclists), with vegetarian athletes of all ages.

During the intake I will measure your body composition, discuss your performance and nutrition goals and make a plan including a personalized sample menu.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about my way of work or make directly an appointment.

Orthomolecular therapy

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I am a certified orthomolecular therapist and a member of the Dutch Society for Promotion of Orthomolecular Therapy (MBOG) and Network of Orthomolecular Dietitians (NOD). My advice is covered by insurance as a recognized alternative therapy.

In my approach I combine the principles of orthomolecular therapy — which is the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances natural to it — with common sense, taking into consideration individual situation.

‘Natural’ is the key word. Nature has provided us with everything we need to maintain our health. However, modern way of life and regular consumption of nutrient-poor foods can lead to deficiencies and compromise our health. Lack of energy, low immunity, anxiety, bad skin, chronic headaches, migraine, irritable bowels can be signs of nutrition disequilibrium. Finding the balance back is the key goal of the orthomolecular therapy.

In my work I look at the total picture and not just at isolated complaints. I make a personal plan for you and an individual menu and select proper natural supplements if necessary.

Session: what you can expect?
The intake lasts one hour. We discuss your health complaints and goals. Thereafter I make a plan of action for you and an individual list of nutraceuticals (foods or parts of foods that provide health benefits) that will help you to achieve your goals. During the first session I make an estimation of the number and duration of follow-ups.

Please contact me to make an appointment.

Nutrition Advice for Heart Patients

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Heart disease and its complications are my specialities. Most heart patients have several health goals. You can contact me if you want to lose weight and / or if your cholesterol / triglycerides, blood pressure or blood sugar should be reduced.

I make an analysis of your current diet pattern and we will move, step by step, towards a better and healthier lifestyle. The nutritional advice is tailored for you and takes into account individual circumstances and needs. You can count on my assistance and support for as long as necessary.

I have a fruitful collaboration with Cardiology Amsterdam in Amsterdam North. You can find me there on Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning. Of course you can also make an appointment with me in my own practice.

The counselling: what can you expect?
The first session lasts one hour. Your body composition is measured, and I ask you questions about your health situation, eating habits and goals. I will then make a customized and comprehensive plan of action for you. Follow-up visits last 15-30 minutes, the number and frequency thereof depends on the complexity of your personal situation. When your goal is (partly) achieved, shorter control visits will take place a few times a year.

Please contact me to make an appointment.