I love cooking as much as I like sharing great food. I regularly give cooking classes in Amsterdam where participants have a chance to learn about healthy ingredients and ways to transform them into great meals.

During the class the participants are actively involved in the process of cooking, and we always finish by enjoying a self-prepared meal. I use only organic/fair-trade ingredients. All the meals are healthy, balanced, easy to make and look great. Participants get take-home handouts with the recipes.

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Cooking classes in Amsterdam

The Clean Protein

During this workshop we will talk about all you need to know (or at least pretty much) about plant proteins including smart combinations. And we will cook too! This event is not meant exclusively for vegans though. It for sure is of interest for non-vegetarians who want to cut on animal protein or just to learn new recipes.

We will create dishes that will nourish and satisfy those who “cannot survive a day without meat” and all those who just love to eat delicious foods. Our menu includes vegan burgers and steaks but also lots of other dishes including (healthy) desserts.

The menu is 100% vegan.

The master-class is taking place in the most beautiful kitchen of Amsterdam 😉


Saturday April 14, 11:00 – 14:00


3 hours


Singel Amsterdam


€ 69.95 p.p.
Early birds (till March 31): € 59.95 p.p.

What you learn:

  • New 100% plant-based recipes
  • New ways to use familiar products
  • Nutritional facts about many products
  • What are the major sources of plant protein
  • How much protein we actually need
  • Useful cooking and serving tricks

 Interested? For reservations, please fill in the contact form and receive a conformation e-mail with the payment details.