My rate is € 60 per hour. This is a common rate covered by the Dutch insurance.

Insurance coverage: Nutrition advice

I am directly accessible: you do not need a referral from your GP.
Three (3) hours of dietitian advice per year are covered by the Dutch basic insurance (basisverzekering). Some insurance companies also cover dietitian in the additional coverage (aanvullende verzekering). For more information refer to your policy terms and conditions.

Session duration

The first session is 60 minutes. During the intake the relevant information is collected, and the individual nutrition plan is discussed. In the following sessions the plan is evaluated and, if necessary, adjusted. The number of follow-ups (usually 15-30 minutes) depends on the complexity of the situation. Usually, during the first meeting I make an estimation of how many sessions we need in order to achieve your nutrition goals.

No show

Are you unable to attend? Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise I am obliged to charge the appointment.

Relevant qualifications

I am a member of the following professional bonds:

• Quality Register of Paramedics
• The Dutch Association of Dietitians (NVD)
• Network of Orthomolecular Dietitians (NOD)