Hi! I am Lera. I am a nutrition expert

To help people maintain their physical and mental fitness is my mission

Weight Management

Individuality is the key. Every individual is unique and requires a unique approach. An athlete with an intensive exercise scheme needs a different nutrition plan than a person who has a sedentary lifestyle. I make a customized nutrition advice based on your current lifestyle, eating habits and health state. Your health will never be compromised for the sake of weight loss.

Spesialized Nutrition Advice

We all are different and have different needs. What is good for me is not necessarily good for you! I work with people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, physical conditions, age… I do not have a ready-made diet for everyone but always make a personal nutrition plan. You may count on individual approach, advice and coaching for as long as needed.

Cooking workshops

I love cooking as much as I like sharing food. Everything tastes better when you eat together! I regularly give cooking workshops in Amsterdam where the participants learn about healthy ingredients and ways to transform them into great meals. During the class the students are actively involved in the process of cooking, and we always finish by enjoying a self-prepared meal.

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